Bottled Water Branding

Bottled water comes at a premium price and according to CNBC you may be paying a 4,000 percent mark-up on it.

Take, for instance, Osaka-based company Vieluce which has begun marketing “Fillico Beverly Hills,” a line of premium luxury spring water that goes for $100 per 750 ml bottle.

Fillico Water

Fillico Water

To justify that spend, there’s a need to go beyond the sexy bottle and really show the worth. Fillico comes from a natural spring at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe. Not only do they tout the beautifully crafted bottled and the pristine source, but of course, the lifestyle.

Intuit has a great post on marketing the bottle and some key points are below, which Fillico takes into account and leverages:

  • Focus on image.
  • Turn consumers into connoisseurs.
  • Position your product as a sign of wealth.
  • Offer convenience.
  • Position your product as a solution to a problem.
We’ve clearly seen some of the luxury water brands embrace these strategies and according to Brand Channel, this is an important step to differentiate (and sell) your water:
“Branding is extremely important for water,” says Chiranjeev Kohil, professor of marketing at California State University at Fullerton. “In a lot of categories, you can duplicate products and get an edge on quality or attributes, but that edge can be shaved off very quickly by competitors. In the water category, there is no technological superiority. The only thing that differentiates one water from the next is the brand.”
The same article also goes to focus on the source – which we’ve visited in previous posts – as a key differentiator.
“The source of the water provides a good foundation for differentiation,” says Rob Frankel, a branding consultant. “Evian is from the Alps, Arrowhead is from the mountains in California, etc. If you’re going to tap into the brand culture, so to speak, you start with the singularity of the source.”
Bottled Water Sources

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